Photo Series: Walk Quietly

Photography: Nick Jeremiah
Words: Isabel Sasse



Certainties cannot be broken, and absolute paths cannot be predicted in this living. Strength comes from a lot of places, but through journeys unknown and paths swallowed up by fog you have to make sure the power lies within you first, to surrender.

To sacrifice yourself to everything you think you know, give your arms to the mountains and the entire essence of your Being to the sky. To let the Earth break you open so she can pour her light inside of you. To rest in knowing, that some mountains you won’t be able to move. Let Her take your breathing away, and give it back all at once. Logic isn’t exactly a virtue if you cannot throw yourself headfirst into the journey of this living and bathe within the beauty of uncertainty.

So, find a glass of courage and recklessly drink from it.

Our journey isn’t always seen in clarity, and the path that we tread upon is rarely paved in perfection. You have to keep moving forward, through the ashes and stone that fall at your feet and shadows cast by mountain peaks. To listen to your instincts and become so aware of your presence and ability to conquer as much as you are willing to receive. To trust in not being able to see what lies ahead, but knowing that wherever it is you end up, the beauty it holds is boundless. These are our lessons in unfolding, and in rising.

So, slip beneath the surface to a place where there is no gravity, and the Earth sings to us with music only we can hear.

Persevere, with heart. Walk Quietly.

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