Photography as a medium is incredibly versatile and can allow you to capture moments in a very unique way. Whether you're a business looking to sell a product, or a designer or model looking for photos for a portfolio. My knowledge and experience in photography and retouching is a perfect match for you.

My photographic style is very minimalist and simple. I only include what is necessary in a shot in order to keep the focus on what's important. My editing and retouching is clean and invisible allowing full attention on the subject.

Look Book


Portraiture / Fashion

15 Final Digital Images (prints available)

Two Looks per Model (max 3 models)

2 Hour Shoot ($95 per extra hour)

On Location or in the Studio

Can Travel Anywhere

. . .

. . .

Each shoot will be tailored to your needs. Extra images, hours, locations etc. can be arranged.



Fashion / Architecture / Product & Advertising

Commercial Photography is Available at $800/day. Available Australia wide.

Fees for Assistants, Models, Permits, Equipment Hire etc. May Apply.

Varied Turnaround Times. Deadlines Will be Discussed.

Full Retouching for Final Images Included.

Pack Shots available at $100/product

Digital Files and Prints Available.

Image licencing Fees Apply.

Each shoot will be tailored to your needs. Extra images, hours, locations etc. can be arranged.

Some Minor Fine Print

Extra charges may apply. Travel costs, studio or equipment hire may be required.
These prices—to a degree—are a guide. A more detailed quote will be provided.



For Enquires or Questions, Shoot me an Email and Let's See What Happens


You're In Good Hands


~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Can you travel for a shoot?

Absolutely. I can and will work anywhere within Australia. Travel costs will apply of course, and if the shoot is a fair distance away from my location, accomodation and food costs may also apply.


How do the image licence fees work?

When I provide you with images, they come with what is called a Licence. This licence details how, where and for how long you can use the images. Once the term (the time frame) runs out, you can then purchase another licence, or purchase an unlimited licence allowing you to 'own' the images. Licensing will be described in better detail during the shoot process.

Why should I pay for your equipment hire?

I understand that being a photographer "I should already own my gear". This isn't always true. Sometimes for a particular shoot I may need to hire additional flashes, or a particular lens that I do not own. There are certain types of gear that are quite specialised that would be more economical to hire than to purchase. additional fees like models, assistants and equipment hire will be detailed in the quote, and you're welcome to discuss any concerns with me then.


This really depends on the project. For commercial work, you will typically set the deadline, as you may have one yourself. I typically try to get the images to you within two week for regular Look Book or any other type of shoots. Commercial turn around times will depend on your particular deadline.


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