Helping to Protect our Parks

All the energy it takes to run your device — from the time you open the box to the day the device is recycled — is added to our carbon footprint. We even include the energy it takes to charge your device, which usually comes from carbon-intensive sources such as coal or gas. So we’re always developing new ways to make our products as efficient as possible.
— Apple Environmental Page
Apple MacBook Pro

The Technology

My business is run from Apple devices. Apple is renowned for having a strong environmental awareness and they're doing an incredible amount to be sustainable. Apple devices are some of the most environmentally friendly electronic devices on the market and I couldn't be more proud to say that I use them.

Because they are battery powered, I charge them over night and use them during the day. This reduces the amount of power I consume when working. It also allows me to work on the go.  

FUN FACT: My iPhone 6 costs only $0.84 per annum to charge. That's INSANE!

The Wood and Paper

Business cards and photographic prints are the only paper items I use for my business. Everything else is completely digital. I order my business cards from My business cards are made out of 100% post-consumer waste, are recyclable, acid free, FSC and PEFC certified, free from harmful chemicals and are manufactured sustainably through a Green E-Credits Scheme. Some might say this is over the top for business cards. But I think it's bloody important.

My office desk is sourced from 100% sustainably sourced beech timber. It's from IKEA actually and you can read more about IKEA's sustainability efforts here.

Sustainable Wind Farm

The Energy

My office is powered by Red Energy. According to The Green Electricity Guide, Red Energy is ranked 4th in Victoria for green energy. As they are powered by mostly hydroelectricity by their parent company Snowy Hydro, the majority of their assets are renewable, as well as having a close-to-zero greenhouse gas emissions intensity.