Alex I


A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a bit inspired and decided to take Alex out for a quick photoshoot. I wanted a darker feeling to this shoot and found a small grassy area off the side of a road with a lot of trees and bushes that would serve for a good backdrop. 

It was very late afternoon and rather cloudy, so whatever sun there was it was pretty much obstructed by all the trees and the cloud... This gave me a dark and dull ambient light in camera. After shooting around the trees for a while, Alex sat back in the car to warm up and to check her makeup, as she was doing this I took a couple of shots and instantly found a new location.

Shooting in the car gave me such a versatile number of poses and looks I could get. I was shooting with one light and a reflector for every shot.

Alex 1 |
Alex 2 |
Alex 5 |
Alex 3 |
Alex 7 |
Alex 8 |
Alex 4 |
Alex 6 |
Alex 9 |
Nick Jeremiah