No More Coffee

So I've made a large change in my life in the last couple of days, I no longer drink coffee. Instead I've changed the warm beverage for a gentle cup of tea... Why you ask? Good question.

I guess my tastebuds have changed after many, many years of drinking coffee. It all started when I decided to cut sugar out of my diet completely. That's right, I don't add sugar to anything at all. If I was living alone I wouldn't even own it. It took about a fortnight to get used to the strong savoury taste of the raw coffee but after a while I became quite fond of it. But all good things must come to an end and I've found myself not really enjoying coffee anymore, I guess I got sick of the taste.

So I ventured out to the next jar over and grabbed a tea bag one morning and decided to stick with it. I still add milk and now add a tiny pinch of sugar just to take the edge off the taste and it's a welcome delight.

But you're not to worry, I haven't given up coffee for good. I'll still order my cappuccino from cafés and coffee shops... After all that is real coffee.