DAY TWO // 5 Day B&W Photo Challenge

ISO 100 - f8 - 20 seconds - 50mm

ISO 100 - f8 - 20 seconds - 50mm

Yesterday I was nominated by my friend and fellow photographer Christine to participate in a five day photo challenge where I have to post a black and white image each day for the next five days. My day one post featured an image I had taken of a young woman sitting on a park bench out side the State Library of Victoria. You can view that image and post here.

Today's image is of a clock tower along Swanston St in Melbourne. I'm not sure which building this is, but it's near Starbucks if that helps. It was a long exposure taken during the night. I wasn't using a tripod for this image, I rested the camera on a tree branch to keep the camera steady. I wasn't able to get this perspective using a tripod so thinking outside the box came into play.

I used a 20 second exposure with an aperture of f8. Of course there were trials and errors and plenty of blurry images that will never see the light of day. But this one came out just right and delighted me once I saw it on a nice big computer screen.

Keep your eyes on this blog for the next three day's posts. I'll have a small gallery at the end to show case all the images in one place.