Blogs I'm LOVING Right Now

Blogs I'm Loving Right Now -

Recently over the last week or two I've come across a couple of blogs that I am absolutely loving. They are focused on design and lifestyle and have began to inspire me quite a lot. They have even made be begin blogging more and put more brand and design effort in to them.

1. |   Stuck With Pins is a fantastic blog by Californian Corrine Alexandra. The kooky creative nonsense of this self-made artist is inspirational to the core–well for me anyway. Her wedding photography style is very hipster/vintage but in a professional, non-cliché way which is very hard to do in my opinion. Her design style is right on point with mine and she's always coming up with something interesting. I highly recommend checking out her Instagram, Facebook and Portfolio.

2. |   Elle & Company Design is actually a blog I've just found today. It's mega interesting. Her creative lifestyle and design blog is colourful with beautifully designed blog headings as well as incredibly informative articles. Sometimes I wish I had a day that I could sit down, do nothing and just read this blog. Definitely worth reading.

3. |   Faded & Blurred is actually a blog I've been visiting for many years now. It's an amazing resource for photographers to read about related news and and stories as well as listen to fantastic in-depth conversations with inspirational photographers. Jeffery Saddoris is the brain power behind this blog and also a co-host of a podcast on the arts, science and philosophy of photography, On Taking Pictures. Whether you want to read the blog or listen to the blog, it's always full of interesting, inspirational and philosophical stuff to fill your creative emptiness.