A New Year

A New Year - IndecisiveModernist.com

I started this blog because I wanted to start writing more and to share more of my photography and art work that I feel isn't good enough to add to a portfolio, but I still wanted to show it off. But for some reason I just haven't been doing that. It's a new year, and new opportunities have shown themselves and differences are happening. My girlfriend is now going to design school for interior design, I have a new job as part of a content creation team and I am now more then ever, surrounded by creative work.

This has inspired me to be more creative and to start writing more. I'm not creating more work, but I'm researching it more, I'm getting more ideas and just scrolling through endless pages on Pinterest of photography, graphic design and now even interiors all thanks to Tiarna. It's more inspiration to stay in the creative mind set. Sadly being a creative isn't like riding a bike, you do tend to lose your touch after a while and keeping yourself immersed in artwork and designs can help keep that touch alive.

This blog post was more of a spontaneous response to boredom than anything else but I saw a chance to do it and so I did. I'm going to try and post more and create more, so keep your eye out on this blog for more. I believe you can subscribe to this post by RSS or email or something, I don't really know, there'll be some sort of link around this post somewhere :)